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Dante's Inferno Original Art
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Click here to see a larger image of this painting The Dante's Inferno Experience are art galleries like no others, concurrently exhibiting worldwide, as franchises. The sequential exhibition is seen in the dark, with only black lights and floor candelabras. Visitors follow the dark paths and view the paintings with the aid of flashlights and tubed lights on the floor, as they experience a journey into the worst of the afterlife, through the most amazing art ever depicted about Dante's Inferno, the first part of his literary masterpiece, The Divine Comedy.

The floor is not like any other gallery either, but has the feeling of each different circle the paintings are portrayed. such as grass, dirt, sand, ice, etc, some are even covered by fog.

Scan with your cell phone!The paintings are not exhibited on the building walls, but instead on parallel walls made of metal grids or wooden panels, covered with black fabric, located in the center of the gallery room. Each wall represents a specific circle of Hell and their subdivisions. The walls are placed parallel to one another allowing openings among them for the visitors to move from one circle to the next. The paintings are not hung at visitors eye level. They are uniquely descending as visitors views each lower circle of Hell, and later ascending as visitors accompany Dante and Virgil emerging out of Hell and into Purgatory. At the bottom of each painting there is a brief explanation of the passage depicted, as well as a QR code to be scanned with any smart phone that will take the visitor to a specific part of the text that is directly related to each painting.

Audio Tour: Visitors have the free option of a personal audio tour by downloading it into a smart phone or tablet, which is used with attached earphones or headphones. The audio tour allows for pausing to contemplate a specific painting and re-start it when arriving to the next one, and so on..

At the end, the visitors have the option of buying paintings, as well as full-color books of the whole collection. The books are an enduring memoir of their visit to the exhibition and an incentive to buy paintings in the future, for themselves and their friends. In addition, visitors may buy the DVD of Dante's Hell Animated, featuring Eric Roberts as Dante's voice and its Italian version Inferno Dantesco Animato, featuring Vittorio Gassman as Dante's voice. The gallery tour may start with the trailer, shown on a flat screen. These films the animation of the paintings in the 72-piece art collection, which re-visit Hell in Dante's own words. There are other items available for the art-lover to purchase: bookmarks with some of the paintings from the exhibit and films, a DVD featuring the gallery tour explained by the artist Dino Di Durante, and earphones for the audio tour.

We offer only ONE guarantee, "you'll never be the same person you used to be before Dante entered your new life". The following is an early prototype of our virtual tour gallery and the concept described above.


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